A Baltimore Townhome…

… OUR Baltimore townhome! Since we’ll be in the area a few more years, it made sense to buy. I may be a little biased, but I think we bought the prettiest one. It’s small (about 960 sqft), but I think it’ll work well for us. We’ve lived here about 2 months now, and while there’s still a few things left to do, I think things are coming along nicely. Below are some before/after/in progress pictures.

The outside. Didn’t take a before picture, but here’s the picture from the listing. 


We also added a window guard cat.



The living room. Actually pretty much the whole downstairs, the kitchen and half bath are toward the back.


We painted the living room a light gray.



Before view from the kitchen.




The living room as it looked tonight (with bonus cats on the couch). There’s still some stuff to put away, but it’s starting to look pretty homey. Also note the awesome penny table (more on that, possibly after midterms).


The half bath downstairs, which has a drinking fountain sink!



I don’t have a picture of the kitchen, here’s the listing picture.


The upstairs (stairs are on the left where the wall juts out). Down the hall is the bathroom on the left, there’s a closet on the right, and the bedroom is in the back.



We painted the den the same color as the living room. Pretty sure this is my ‘why aren’t you painting something’ motion to Spencer.


Don’t have a current picture, but here is one post paint (it’s lighter in person).

photo 4e

The bedroom. Didn’t do anything in here. Well, except add our bed, and hang some sheets for curtains. We’re classy like that.




The bathroom.

That’s it for the house! We do have a small patio outback, will need to take pictures of it at some point. Only other thing to add is that the house did come with bonus cat. The weekend we got the keys we had a locksmith come by to rekey the locks. Out from under his van came the saddest, dirtiest, most flee-infested little kitten ever.

photo 1-1

She just wanted some love.

photo 3

We took her to the vet coz we’re suckers for small, sad lookin cats who just want love.

photo 2-1
Luckily, except for an upper respiratory infection and being anemic from all the flee bites, she was disease free. She’s all better now and is doing a fantastic job being a cat (ie being adorable).


And she loves her Winston.


Or is maybe trying to strangle him.


He doesn’t seem to care which.


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Oreo and Winston Saga – Part 1

Valentines day is once again upon us, like Winston fur on a black shirt. Rather than proclaiming to the world my never-ending love for my sweetie poopy, I put together this series capturing pretty much every relationship ever.

You spent how much money on that?! Why would you do that without discussing it with me?

Hmph. Well whatever I don’t want to talk about it anymore.

Fine, I don’t want to talk about it either.

I’m really sorry, please forgive me.

I do. I’ve said some mean things before too. Lets never fight again. Hugs?

Um, this doesn’t concern you. Now get us some food.



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Mud Factor

On Saturday Spencer and I ran in the mud factor, apparently a hardcore, 5K, obstacle mud run. Not too hardcore, but very muddy, and very fun!

This was just before the start, I was pretty excited to get going.

Spencer was only moderately excited.

Spencer running after the start, look at him go!

I got a leg cramp trying to jump a wall just before this, so I couldn’t climb the rope :-(. But man, look at Spencer scaling the wall!


More mud!!

The forest part of the run, this was the best part.

Waiting for an obstacle.

In the mud river at the very end.

Oh we so totally cheated death.


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Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms!! This past Wednesday I took the day off to visit Census (more on this later); afterward I stopped by the tidal basin to see the cherry blossoms. It was awesome. It’s not my first time visiting, but it’s surreal every time. It was the perfect day for a picnic, if only Webster Spencer had been able to join. But I enjoyed my alone time, the random people asking me to take their picture, and the drunk man who asked me what kind of camera I was using then walked away after hearing my response without saying a word. Fun times.

I took this one with the intention of it being a perspectives pic, but I’m not feeling motivated enough to do a separate post.

This sign wasn’t lying; almost poked my eye out more times than I care to admit.

Birds were diggin about for feed!

This reflection one is by far my favorite.

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Baltimore Dollar Days – Day 2

Day 2 dollar days date destinations were the American visionary museum and the observation deck at the World Trade Center. They have a lot of interesting art at the museum, and this tree is among my favorites. I told Spencer we’re going to have one of these in our front yard some day.

I love how this thing catches light!

That’s it for the visionary museum. They don’t allow indoor photography which seems very odd. But there were some neat things including this toothpick sculpture, which he worked on off and on for 30 years. After the museum we went to the observation deck. This section of the window had the names of victims of 9/11.

Looking east.

Northeast. The blue/green building in the center is the new Hopkins hospital expansion.

The Pier Six Pavilion.

South east.


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Baltimore Dollar Days – Day 1

Last weekend was dollar days in Baltimore, where admission to most museums in the Inner Harbor area is only a buck. We wanted to go the the aquarium, the Maryland science center, the American visionary art museum, and the observation deck in the World Trade. We made it to everything except the aquarium because the line there went around the whole building.

So on to the science center! We saw a couple IMAX movies, and Spencer laid on the bed of nails; he had a good time.

Mr. Dinosaur

Spencer: Hey
Mr. Skeleton Dinosaur: Hey
Spencer: Don’t eat me.
Mr. Skeleton: Okay.

It went well; Spencer made a new friend.

After the science center we went to watch the 200 festively dressed tubas play holiday music! The music was surprisingly underwhelming, but the announcer man said they practiced once, for one hour, right before the event. So I guess considering that, it was pretty good. But there was a cute puppy in a santa hat!

And there were many Santas there.

And the tubas were pretty!


After dinner we saw the light show at the power plant, where they play music and project lights onto the building. It was only about 5 minutes long, but it was pretty good.

And finally we watched the parade of lighted boats. Here are a couple of our favorite boats.

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