Meeting Your Hubby in 7th Grade

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Spencer and I met in 7th grade. We had Japanese class in the morning every other day and we were also in the same band class. I mainly remember Spencer’s super awesome saxophone neck strap, and apparently he remembers me as “the foreigner.” :-)

We were quite cool no?

Even cooler is our 6th grade picture!

But what I like about our 6th grade year book, is that our two pictures are in the same location on opposing pages.

So I can fold the pages together like so….

It’s like we’re meant to be! :-)

We’ve been together almost 8 years now, and have known each other for over 13! At the time I couldn’t imagine meeting my hubby in 7th grade, but today I wouldn’t want it any other way.

8 Responses

  1. Shabina

    CUTE!!! When you close the pages it’s like you are kissing!! :)

    • Andreea

      Yep!! I may have made kissing noises and made the pictures talk to each other.. but I’m not admitting anything :-)

  2. Yuck! kissing in 6th grade? :-) You are such an adorable romantic. I miss you!!!

  3. Judy Rawlings

    Hilarious! And, very cute pictures! Your are both quite cool!

  4. I still remember the dirty looks you both gave me in Japanese class when I suggested you date. See, I was just on to something :-)

  5. Spencer

    We are quite cool. Japanese class just brings people together.

  6. Diane & Doyle

    Awwwwesome! 😉