Oreo in a Sweater

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Our oldest kitty, Baby, is getting up there in the years, and she’s been slacking on her grooming. Consequently she’s been getting a lot of mats, so we remedied that by shaving her. But then she got cold, so we got her a sweater. It fits her well and she doesn’t seem to mind it. But you know who DOES mind?? Oreo. It’s ridiculously small for him and he freaked out pretty good when we put it on (though it was really cute :-) ). Here he is in his sweater sitting on his new toy, the hidey box (it’s just a cardboard box turned upside down, but he doesn’t know that).

Can you tell he didn’t like the sweater and wanted it taken off right this second?!

He calmed down a little after a few minutes, but he still wasn’t pleased.

But clearly it didn’t bother him enough to keep him from chasing his tail!

3 Responses

  1. Lance Rawlings

    I think everybody needs a cat like Oreo. Well almost everybody. Quite entertaining. I hope he is at his best when we are there.

    • Andreea

      I’m sure he will be!! And yes, he’s quite entertaining.

  2. Dana Plop

    I bet is the collar that freaked him out! But he is definitely very cute!