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Key West was awesome. That could be the end of this post because it summarizes the trip quite well.

We stayed at the Marquesa, which is the loveliest hotel I’ve ever stayed at. I should have taken more pictures of the pool area and our room, but their website does a pretty good job. The service was excellent, our room was great, and the pool area was amazing.

The side of the hotel. The car on the left is our rental!

In the pool!

We did two excursions while in Key West. The first was a jet ski tour that took us all the way around the island. Here we are waiting to start.

Excellent views!

Spencer’s view, just pulling away from land.

The view from the back. I was quite frightened the entire time, those things are fast!

My handsome hubby!

For the second trip, we did a kayak/snorkel tour, where we saw horseshoe crab, birds, and lobsters.

We spent that night at the pier watching the sunset.

Love the colors it creates on the water.

Before leaving we went to a place called the secret garden. There were birds there which were pretty cool. This one had a bell which she kept flinging.

Good bird!

This one was bad! Okay maybe not, but it wanted constant attention and to hold hands, which was pretty cute. But then kept making the loudest, most annoying, noises, and then it bit Spencer!! I’m sure it just though he was feed….

Before the biting…

View on the way back. Wish we could have stayed longer, Key West is a neat place.

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    Maybe Mr Rawlings should’nt stick his fingers in the cage. Bad Mr Rawlings.