DIY Paint Chip Magnets for the OCDers

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I’ve been meaning to tackle this DIY Pantone Paint Chip Magnet project from How About Orange for some time, but alas I had no pantone chips to speak of, and was waiting until something equivalently awesome came up. Well, on an outing to Lowes I came across this:

Perfect! This is actually cut up already, the original had about 25 rows, with about 15 chips per row. I started out by cutting them into strips…

then individual chips…

lots and lots and lots and lots of chips….

All the cutting got tedious, so I took a break and played with the blocks a little, first lining them up to see how I might want to group them. But this reminded me of a random walk, and then made me wonder if the blocks were aware of their stochastic activity, which then made me wonder if the blocks even know what stochastic meant, probably not perhaps I should explai– and dear god I’m talking to small strips of paper. Lesson learned, take more breaks during the cutting process.

After the cutting, I used double-sided tape to attach them to a thick piece of cardstock. Since I didn’t use bookboard, I needed something sturdy enough to give them some weight, and this seemed to work well.

Next I cut them out, attached the magnets, then it was time to glaze! I tried to find Aleene’s Paper Glaze she mentions in the article, but the store I went to didn’t carry it. So I went with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic. I was a little worried about the ‘runnyness’ of it, but it worked great! I actually can’t imagine something thicker, seems like it’d be harder to work with. Plus, with a name like ‘dimensional magic’ you know it can’t be bad.

Goes on opaque…

but dries clear!! How cute are these! I should have used a dime as a reference, but the short side of these are about the size of a dime, long side just slightly larger than a quarter (you can also use the tape picture about, the tape is standard width scotch). They remind me of little flags! There is a slight air bubble problem but it’s hardly noticeable.

So what else can benefit from dimensional magic?!?! I had these small foam letter left over from a work project and I thought I could incorporate them somehow.

Ta da! This was made using more paint chips cut into squares. I had a mishap with the glaze and it spilled over the side mid-process. So there’s less dimensional magic going on, but I still think it turned out great! Shiny!

So I decided to do individual letters. If I find enough Xs and Os I think I’ll make enough to play tic tac toe! I’m totally smitten with this stuff.