Figuring It Out: Part 3

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I was browsing through my posts folder, and I came across a previous version on this post that never got published. It started out with “Rejection sucks” and proceeded to be a garrulous rant of the woe is me, self deprecating, my life is over variety. Rejection does suck, but dwelling on it helps no one.. and actually it makes Oreo cry.

But I’m glad I quickly got over that, moved on, and now I have some good news!

My last figuring it out post was purposefully cryptic, as everything was still unofficial, but I can now discuss it more fully. That is a picture of a goose (or duck?) taken in Fells Point, Baltimore, after I had my second (or fourth?) interview with Johns Hopkins University. It took a few weeks to make everything official with HR, but they hired me! The position is a biostatistician with the Welch Center. To say I’m excited is a huge understatement. I’m so excited about this opportunity and what lies ahead; so excited about the type of work I could, and will, be doing; so excited to work in this type of environment, with brilliant, passionate people. Yes, slight vomit, but I’m excited!

Perhaps what I’m most excited about is how this fits in with my career goals. I think this position pretty much meets the two goals I described in my first post on this topic. I’m sure it’ll be challenging analytically and creatively; it’ll give me the chance to use everything I’ve learned thus far; and that it’ll let me feel like I’m making a difference, however small it may be (well small at first). And as an added perk, it’s reaffirmed my nerdom! I love reading and learning about this stuff! I got an email a few weeks back when they ordered Stata for me* and I might have had a minor nerd freak-out involving many involuntary squeals and screeches, followed by excited giggles and oh-my-gosh-I’m-such-a-nerd realizations. But yay for Stata!

But at the same time it’s bittersweet and somewhat frightening. I’ve been in my current division for over five years. I’ve been fortunate to work with lots of awesome people and on some very interesting stuff, so it’s definitely like, the end of an era!

So I meant to publish this before I started my new job, but it wasn’t to be. I just finished my first week and hopefully a post will be forthcoming shortly! For now, here is a pic my awesome FIL, Lance, took on my last day at work. There I am standing like a goober, waiting for my ride with my moving boxes (and somehow still managed to blink even though I was unaware of the phototaking).

And the close-up… Woe is me personal moment? I think not :-)

* Work gave me the CD, so I just installed Stata on my laptop tonight! I think I’ll like it (relax SAS, nobody could ever replace you), though earlier at work Stata and I got into a tiff when it blatantly refused to clear the results window despite repeated urgings, ctrl-Es, yellings, and pleadings from me.

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  1. Judy Rawlings

    The world will be a better place now with you and your new job. I felt bad for my photo being out of focus, but I really like the close up of you. It shows your calm demeanor. Keep up the great work. It was much fun moving you and spencer.


    • Thanks Lance! We really appreciate the help, and it was fun to hang out for a few days! And I really like the pic no need for apologies.