Holiday Lantern Parade

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There’s a bunch of holiday activities planned in the Inner Harbor, and since we’re close enough to walk, we’re going to try to see most of them. First up, the holiday lantern parade this past Saturday. It wasn’t much of a parade, maybe 10 minutes total, but it had it’s ups. It’s the first year they’ve done it so there’s bound to be kinks… and lameness. But it was a nice night, we saw the puffin, and got free cookies! Not a bad way to spend a Saturday night.

The Norwegian tall ship was docked!

Couple shot!

Self couple shot!

Spencer poopy shot! Isn’t he handsome? Sure do love my Spencer poopy poo. You may vomit now.

The puffin!! THE PUFFIN!! Though the puffin was a jerk and didn’t stick around afterward for pictures. Not that I wanted a picture with him anyway. But look how cute he is! I guess I can forgive him this one time. More puffins herehere, and here.

The stilt-walking-lantern-headed people. They were having so much fun, especially the lady on the bottom right.

These star things where my favorite.

After the parade, Santa came out (that’s him in the middle) and gave a speech. He said something about the holidays?? I’d stopped listening, too preoccupied with trying to find the puffin.

The confetti at the end was awesome, looked like snow. I sure wish we get 10 feet this year.