Baltimore Dollar Days – Day 1

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Last weekend was dollar days in Baltimore, where admission to most museums in the Inner Harbor area is only a buck. We wanted to go the the aquarium, the Maryland science center, the American visionary art museum, and the observation deck in the World Trade. We made it to everything except the aquarium because the line there went around the whole building.

So on to the science center! We saw a couple IMAX movies, and Spencer laid on the bed of nails; he had a good time.

Mr. Dinosaur

Spencer: Hey
Mr. Skeleton Dinosaur: Hey
Spencer: Don’t eat me.
Mr. Skeleton: Okay.

It went well; Spencer made a new friend.

After the science center we went to watch the 200 festively dressed tubas play holiday music! The music was surprisingly underwhelming, but the announcer man said they practiced once, for one hour, right before the event. So I guess considering that, it was pretty good. But there was a cute puppy in a santa hat!

And there were many Santas there.

And the tubas were pretty!


After dinner we saw the light show at the power plant, where they play music and project lights onto the building. It was only about 5 minutes long, but it was pretty good.

And finally we watched the parade of lighted boats. Here are a couple of our favorite boats.

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  1. Diane & Doyle

    Cool! Pretty lights and boats. :)