Cherry Blossoms

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Cherry Blossoms!! This past Wednesday I took the day off to visit Census (more on this later); afterward I stopped by the tidal basin to see the cherry blossoms. It was awesome. It’s not my first time visiting, but it’s surreal every time. It was the perfect day for a picnic, if only Webster Spencer had been able to join. But I enjoyed my alone time, the random people asking me to take their picture, and the drunk man who asked me what kind of camera I was using then walked away after hearing my response without saying a word. Fun times.

I took this one with the intention of it being a perspectives pic, but I’m not feeling motivated enough to do a separate post.

This sign wasn’t lying; almost poked my eye out more times than I care to admit.

Birds were diggin about for feed!

This reflection one is by far my favorite.