Florida 2015

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For the third time in almost as many years, we flew down to Florida for fun in the sun (because Baltimore summers aren’t hot and humid enough). This was our third time making this trip, and we stayed in the same hotel, so we didn’t take a too many pictures (previous trips here and here). We had an early Sunday morning flight (back in September) so our room wasn’t ready when we arrived, but we checked our bags, ate, and walked around the beach.

After our room was ready and we settled in, it was once again time for boozy wine hour table tennis with this guy. The white wine sangria they served was delicious. P1020098We got up early one morning to take sunrise pictures, and that was basically the extent of our pictures in Miami.
DSC_9047 DSC_9046-2I think Florida has the best clouds.

That was it for Miami. Wednesday morning we left for Key West. The only hiccup in the drive down to the keys was the rental car, which sounded like the wheel would fly off any time we got above 30 mph. But surprisingly the wheels stayed attached to the car and we made it down to Key West safely. We stayed at the Marquesa Hotel, and coincidentally ended up in the same room we stayed in 4 years prior.

Spencer quickly declared himself Bee Saver Extraordinaire. Here he is in action in one of the hotel pools. COgi1ZHWEAAi3yh

This was the second pool. The door to our room is on the right. COfsuSFVEAEc_jZ

We had tasty food and watched a few sunsets. COoT37FVAAAAw6G DSC_9147

Spencer said this ship is used in part for shots for the show “The Last Ship.”DSC_9069DSC_9084 DSC_9089 DSC_9096-2 DSC_9114

There were lots of chickens walking around. This guy was waiting for his friend, so they could go for their afternoon bike ride. DSC_9122 As these birds were probably waiting for the right time to attack. DSC_9144

The new thing we did this trip that we haven’t in the past was parasailing. Definitely not as scary as i thought it would be, and it’s peaceful and quiet when you’re up high. The guides took pictures from the boat. Here we are about to go off.
DSC06293 Wee and we’re off! DSC06294

Spencer says woooo. DSC06297 DSC06305-2 DSC06316Its crazy all the things we saw while up there. Here’s a low flying plane for some reason. DSC06357-2 Oh no a shark! We sure lucked out that he didn’t bite through the rope. DSC06329Same with this guy, not sure how we escaped his clutches.
DSC06323 DSC06362DSC06364

They dipped us in the water at the end for good measure. DSC06385 DSC06381 DSC06392 DSC06397

I took up our water proof point and shoot.  P1020103 P1020100-2 This is probably about as far up as we got.P1020109 P1020117

We stopped in Bahia Honda State Park on our way back to Miami. Next trip we’ll try to spend the day here. DSC_9171DSC_9172-2DSC_9187-2DSC_9192-3DSC_9196DSC_9181DSC_9197-2