Being Silly in Public

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I’m pretty silly. I’ve decided it’s a core value and something that I quite enjoy doing. Like hiding being some magnolias while walking down the street… and asking your husband if he can still see you. He totally can’t (because … Continued

Unusual Perspective

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I think this would make another good series! Though I’ve been pretty bad about following up with the close up of things series, I think this one might be a little easier (at least that’s what I’m telling myself). The … Continued


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I’ve written several times so far about my love of puffins, birds, and more puffins. Birds are awesome, what can I say. So here’s another post about birds, this time about owls. There are two types in particular that I … Continued


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And Wellington the second!! This is Wellington, our tiger aloe (aloe variegata). We’ve had him for about 10 months, and in that time he’s sprouted 3 new leaves and birthed a baby Wellington! You can see the three leaves below; … Continued

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