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Spooky is the silliest kitty I know (and I know 4!). She mews and protests at random stuff, and only sits on my lap when Spencer’s is unavailable. She gets scared of just about everything, and sometimes hides all day … Continued


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Puffins are by far my favorite birds! Aside from their beautiful coloring, they look slightly sad, evoking the I-must-hug-it-now reflex we all have with cute things that look sad. To illustrate my point, consider the image to the left. This … Continued

Wide Open Throttle

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Automotive periodicals and website articles are great, but they don’t always contain the most up to date information. It takes a while to do the testing, writing, and publishing, and in this day and age I want it NOW! That is why … Continued

Scary and Funny Clowns

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I’ve seen the USPS commercial with the clown at least a dozen times, but it still hasn’t stopped being funny. I like scary/funny clowns, and would love to own this little guy. But thanks to Google, I found out that … Continued

MacBook Cover

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For Christmas, Spencer got me this DecalGirl Cover for my computer. I initially saw them as a Kindle Skin on Amazon, and it they make them for TONS of different devices. This cover is awesome. This falls into the ‘completely … Continued

Saving for the New Year

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I’m big on saving. Financial security is important to me, and I think we’d all be better off if we could put away a little bit each month! I was on Amazon the other day, and came across these “piggy” … Continued

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