Puffins are by far my favorite birds! Aside from their beautiful coloring, they look slightly sad, evoking the I-must-hug-it-now reflex we all have with cute things that look sad.

To illustrate my point, consider the image to the left. This puffin, lets call her Gwendolyn, just rounded up dinner for the whole family, and spent hours slaving over a hot stove to prepare a hearty meal for herself, her husband, and their young chick. But her sadness probably stems from knowing they’ll gobble it up with little more than a thank you, given merely as an afterthought rather than as an expression of gratitude for her hard work. Poor girl. Hug?

And how about these two, just sitting on a rock. They’re probably discussing the latest Puffin gossip, or perhaps what movies they’ve recently seen.

Yet behind that colorful exterior and sad demeanor is something quite vicious, which only makes them more awesome! I LOVE the video below, that little puffin really kicks butt protecting its nest! Take that stupid Razorbill!

Update: Josh makes an excellent point that these are the “oreo of birds”. So true, and makes me like that that much more!


Top photo: Wikipedia, Steve Garvie

Bottom photo: Wikipedia, Thomas O’Neil

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Wide Open Throttle

Automotive periodicals and website articles are great, but they don’t always contain the most up to date information. It takes a while to do the testing, writing, and publishing, and in this day and age I want it NOW! That is why the Wide Open Throttle (WOT) feed on www.motortrend.com is awesome.

Multiple stories are posted each day about everything from new engine specs to new CAFE standards. Knowing the information quickly is much better than hearing it on the news or reading it in a magazine days, even weeks, later. Their RSS feed and tweets make it even easier to follow it on the go!

Photo Credit: Motor Trend

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Scary and Funny Clowns

I’ve seen the USPS commercial with the clown at least a dozen times, but it still hasn’t stopped being funny. I like scary/funny clowns, and would love to own this little guy. But thanks to Google, I found out that he was specially designed for this commercial by Julianna Parr and is not currently available for purchase :-(.

So, I set out to find an equally amusing and scary/funny clown. But have you ever tried finding such a clown doll? It’s a surprisingly difficult task. Seems like most clown related things fall into two categories: incredibly terrifying or sickeningly cute. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of overlap, which makes the USPS clown so awesome; it borders that line between thinking it’s kinda cute and not knowing if it’s going to attack you in the middle of the night.

Consider the following two clowns. The clown on the left is an example of the latter, a Cadaver Clown, though there’s no doubt this thing will hunt you down in the middle of the night. The one on the right is an example of the former, and it’s not even a true clown but rather a Clown Bear. Awwwwwww.

So Amazon wasn’t much help. I also tried eBay and Etsy but alas no luck :-(. I’ll have to keep my eye out!

Here’s the commercial that inspired this post!

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MacBook Cover

For Christmas, Spencer got me this DecalGirl Cover for my computer. I initially saw them as a Kindle Skin on Amazon, and it they make them for TONS of different devices.

This cover is awesome. This falls into the ‘completely unnecessary but I really want it’ category. Although, it does provide some protection against minor scuffs and scratches. So lets go with that; I need it to keep my computer from NEVER WORKING AGAIN. Phew dodged that bullet.

But anyway, so the clarity and vibrance of this cover is amazing. And it was straightforward to put on, though it’s not forgiving if you mess up. Because it’s made out of a thin vinyl, it stretches easily. So if you mess up and try to pull it up, it’ll stretch and then won’t fit right. Here are a few close-ups. Pretty neat!

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Saving for the New Year

I’m big on saving. Financial security is important to me, and I think we’d all be better off if we could put away a little bit each month! I was on Amazon the other day, and came across these “piggy” banks. The first is a Fanny Bank Funny Farting Coin Drop Bank, complete with farting noises. The product description was a gas. Get it? Gas. Sigh, I know.

“A plumber named Manny, Exposing his fanny, Laughs at the tickle, Of a shiny new nickel. So drop in your loot, And hear Manny toot.”

Along with the Fanny Bank, Amazon suggested the Poop Bank which “gives bank deposit a whole new meaning.” However, one of the reviews warns,

“… [my ex wife] put it in the toilet … [so] my money would be safe – which is really smart if you think about it cuz really, who would steal poop from a toilet? What they DON’T tell you is this bank is not water proof. I ended up having to dry all my money with a hair dryer and it took for freakin’ ever.”

It made me chuckle, but hey it if helps people save…

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Once upon a time, there was a big, lazy, black and white kitty, who loused about all day and purred ’til his daddy fed him. That pretty much sums up Oreo, our youngest cat; he’s our “together” cat; the cat whom we got to replace our hammy Swiggles. All 17 pounds of him is typical tuxedo, though I just read on wikipedia that he’s actually a mask-and-mantle bicolor cat… what a good mask-and-mantle boy! He hates being touched, though he’s warming up to it, he randomly goes crazy, and he’s fairly vocal.

Maybe not quite so typical, he’s scared of almost all new things until he gets to know them better. For example, I found a balloon while I was looking through some things the other day, and thought he’d enjoy playing with it. However, immediately upon inflating the balloon, perhaps even mid inflation, a certain black and white cat ran to hide under the bed. He didn’t come out for a couple hours. Silly cat!

We love him though, so there’ll be plenty of posts about him in the future!

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