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Figuring It Out: Part 3

I was browsing through my posts folder, and I came across a previous version on this post that never got published. It started out with “Rejection sucks” and proceeded to be a garrulous rant of the woe is me, self … Continue reading

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Figuring It Out: Part 2

According to Spencer, this is a goose. If so, I’m pretty sure this is the first non-Canada goose I’ve ever seen. It’s all white and… goose-like. But after googling, it could also be a duck. It’s bill is very… duck-like. … Continue reading

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Figuring it out: Part 1

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I want to do, career wise, in the long run. I had a job interview at OHSU last week, and I was so excited about the possibility of going in that direction, … Continue reading

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